Height: 6 feet | Weight: 175 lbs. | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown
Butler-Ruston-Bell: 416-964-6660

Albert Howell began his career improvising at The Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary. He then moved to Toronto and performed at the world famous Second City Theatre for four years. He then formed the comedy duo The Devil's Advocates which became so popular on Speaker's Corner that they were given their own show on The Comedy Network called 'Improv Heaven and Hell' which ran for two seasons. Albert then joined the cast of the sketch show 'Comedy Inc' which ran for five seasons on CTV. Most recently he has written and performed on 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes' for three seasons where he has won two Writers' Guild Awards for comedy writing. Albert has also done numerous commercials and voice work, you might recognize him as 'that guy in that ad' or 'that voice I heard on the radio'.

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